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Operaticdog is a comedy YouTube channel with over 100 videos on it. Although videos on Operaticdog often have very few views, videos are released once weekly for the 27 subscribers of the YouTube channel. Despite it's name, there is a distinct lack of "opera" in Operaticdog.

What does Operaticdog consist of?Edit

It's a channel based on 4 puppet characters. Woofy, WoofyII, Penguin and Wolf. Each have their own distinct characteristics and often fall out. The channel has mostly sketches which last on average about 1-2 mins. Many videos are filmed in one room in front of a green screen, or on the sofa but there is also the occasional travel video.

Equipment Edit

Click here to see more info about the Equipment used on Operaticdog videos!


Ongoing series:

Attention Grabbing News Network-A news show which parodys the shocking and scary headlines on many news websites, papers and TV shows.

Media Magnet-A comedy series which supposedly goes "behind the scenes" at Operaticdog to see how videos are produced.

WoofyII's Guide To-A series where WoofyII attempts to advise you on how to do things.

WoofyII Explains - Where WoofyII attempts to explain things that he doesn't really know about himself...

Worst Date-A series which sees how bad dates can be.

To see series that have been discontinued you can go to the Discontinued Series page.


Operaticdog is a very low budget/no budget YouTube channel so it relys on useful, free online tools so it can have interesting music, entertaining graphics and most of all higher quality content!

Music: A faviroute amongst can either credit the website in either your video or description or buy a copy for £30 per song so you don't have to bother.

soundscrate Simular licencing to incompetech and the music is so good you might think that it's from a film!

freemusicarchive A great selection of music that most importantly is free! It really helped on the iCupS video.


stockphotosforfree The newsroom background from Attention Grabbing News Network came from here and I imagine I will be using the great libary of photos in future videos as well.

Latest activityEdit

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