Woofy is the main character of Operaticdog and is known for being lazy, unproductive and sometimes stupid but is often in a world of his own which is far away from ours.


WoofyII was introduced after Woofy but not long after and is known for his Drug consumption and numerous wife's. He often goes out clubbing and is usually found hammered on a street corner or eating a kebab from somewhere with the food hygiene rating of an open sewer. His very rough voice is also well know and was inspired by Hilary Duvey who features on the UK tv show Dragons Den.


Penguin has quite a screechy voice and is often the evil guy in short films but his actual personality is usually quiet but clever. He is very easy to fustrate especially if people around him are dumb!


Wolf is often easy going and goes along with things. Not really much is known about him...yet.


Woofyzules is the female version of Woofy who is charicterised by the socks on her ears. Rumours have it that she is just Woofy in drag because Operaticdog can't locate another Woofy puppet but that is totally not true...

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