Woofy is the main character in Operaticdog and is known for his obsession with constant sleeping. This is most likely because he is a puppet and therefore if someone is not using him he appears to be "sleeping". It is a running joke that he will randomly fall to sleep in even the most awkward of situations and is incredibly difficult to wake up again.

When Woofy isn't sleeping he often doesn't do much else other than stare out the window and try and take in the world around him. He is reasonably intelligent and can understand things but can also get easily confused. Woofy is also obsessed about Operaticdog becoming "sucessful" and said in a Operaticdog Predicts The Future video that he thinks "one day Operaticdog will become massive and the primary source of entertainment for millions round the world."

His voice was origionally very high pitched but has lowered over time which is the opposite to WoofyII who's voice started off incredibly low and now has become less low pitched over time.

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